About us

Castello di Vaglio Serra is the name of our property located in the small village of Vaglio Serra in the province of Asti in Piemonte in northern Italy. Here we have renovated buildings from the 18th century for relaxing vacation rental  surrounded by vineyards in a rolling and tranquil landscape. There are 6 apartments with beds for a total of 26 people.


In the old hay loft, a large banquet hall is arranged, which is well suited for wedding celebrations and other gatherings. The basement vault is ideal for smaller conferences and is equipped with a TV screen and more.


The neighboring restaurant, only 50 meters from the 'Castello", is called Piazza Crova 3 and is run by the Verri family. In addition to serve fantastic food & wine, they also take care of the practicalities of Castello di Vaglio Serra in terms of key delivery, cleaning, laundry etc. In addition, they of course provide catering at dinners and parties at the 'Castello'. The village also has a small grocery store.

Vaglio Serra is located in southern Piedmont and the nearest larger city is Nizza Monferrato (4 km), where there is a large selection of shops, restaurants and more. The surroundings largely consist of vineyards where, among other things. the province's main grape, Barbera, is grown. The Langhe-Roero and Monferrato vineyards have been included on UNESCO's World Heritage list since 2014.


In addition to visiting the many vineyards, you can hike, bicycle and make excursions to nearby places, eg. Asti and Alba and others During the truffle season (Oct & Nov), the area is a popular excursion destination. In Piedmont there are about thirty golf courses, several of which are reached within an hour's drive from Castello di Vaglio Serra.


We are looking forward to your visit and hope that you will enjoy Castello di Vaglio Serra as much as we do!