With over 800 wine grape varieties, 20 unique winegrowing regions and hundreds of years of winemaking history, Italy is the world's largest producer of wine. The country’s contribution represents about a quarter of the total global wine production.


Denominazione di origine controllata e garantita (DOCG) is the highest wine classification in Italy. All DOCG wines are analysed and tasted by government–licensed judgement panel before being bottled. Once approved, the wines are “guaranteed” with a numbered governmental seal across the cork to prevent later manipulation.

The Piedmont produces more DOCG wines by volume than any other Italian wine region with nearly 84% of all the areas wine production falling under a DOCG designation. While Turin is the capital of the Piedmont, Alba and Asti are at the heart of the region's wine industry. The climate is influenced by chilly mountain climes and the balmy Mediterranean. It creates the perfect growing conditions for Nebbiolo, the black grape that produces the region’s most famous wines: Barolo DOCG and Barbaresco DOCG. Two other red grapes, Barbera and Dolcetto, are also well known and enjoyed for their more accessible price points and drinkability in the short term. Piedmont white wines are less common, but don’t overlook Cortese and Arneis grapes. The former is the sole grape in Gavi DOCG, while the latter thrives in Roero DOCG.

Given this background, Piedmont is arguably Italy’s, and even one of the world’s best wine region.

White wines might not be the first to come in mind in the context of wine production in Piedmont, but the region produces lots of fantastic white wines.

The most popular ones are: 


Red wine is dominating in the Piedmont region, and you probably recognise some of these well known grapes:



These three varieties make up the majority of the red wines of Piedmont, but there are other more esoteric red varieties. For example Grignolino, Ruché, Vespolina and Bonarda.​

Interested in learning more about the fantastic wines from Piedmont?

The best and most interesting way of developing your knowledge is of course to visit a wine producer where you can see the winery and taste the different wines. We are working closely with many producers and we would be happy to help you arrange a visit to a local winery. Below you will find some of the producers that we truly recommend, do not hesitate to contact us if you would like us to arrange a visit!

Meet some of our favourite local wine producers


Venturino vini

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Marco Bonfante

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Guasti Clemente

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Cascina Carlén

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