Nizza Monferrato - 4 km from Vaglio Serra

The neighbouring village of  Vaglio Serra, Nizza Monferrato is well-worth a visit. It takes less than 10 minutes by car to get to this idyllic place that offers a range of good restaurants, cafés stores as well as beautiful plazas, churches and other impressive buildings. Every Friday morning, the center of Nizza Monferrato turns into a market where you can buy everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to clothes and souvenirs.

Barolo - 50 km from Vaglio Serra

The surroundings include wine regions like Alba, Barbaresco, Barbera and Timorasso that are well-known all over the world. Many people argue that Barolo is the most famous one and has been called the “king of wines,” and the “wine of kings.  Dotted with castles, fortified villages, wineries, as well as restaurants serving wonderful food from the sublime Piemontese cusine, this vineyard-covered landscape is a must for every wine lover!

Spotorno - 100 km from Vaglio Serra

Discover the Italian riviera! This is the perfect excursion destination in the summertime if you want to relax on the beach and take a swim in the beautiful blue water. The long beach promenade includes plenty of restaurants and clubs that offers good food and drinks. We promise you that the 90 minute drive from Vaglio Serra will be worth it!

Alba - 40 km from Vaglio Serra

Alba is considered the capital of the Langhe and has big-city confidence and energy while retaining all the grace and warmth of a small rural town. Alba's considerable gastronomic reputation comes courtesy of its white truffles, dark chocolate and wine. Its annual autumn truffle fair draws huge crowds and the odd truffle-mad celebrity. The grape harvest remains refreshingly local and low key, if ecstatic in its own way.

Turin - 85 km from Vaglio Serra

Turin is the capital of the Piemonte region, and is well-worth a visit if you have one or two spare days. As Italy’s first capital, the beautiful city is characterised by stunning architecture, cultural landmarks and its royal past. You will love the view of the entire city against the backdrop of breathtaking snow-capped peaks.

Asti - 25 km from Vaglio Serra

One of the most famous cities of Piemonte is Asti which you might associate with Asti Spumante. The city has however much more to offer, not least museums and churches. For the wine & food lovers, we highly reccomend that you visit the wine festival, Douja D’Or and the food festival, Festivale delle Sagre.

Here are a couple of hiking and jogging tours near Vaglio Serra


Village tour

Head past the store up to the churches and take the stairs up to the viewpoints. Down again towards the municipal house, pass through the Piazza and follow the road to the right down the hill. Keep to the right. At the T junction take right up to the castle. Hilly ca 1.3 km.


Vineyard tour

Head towards N. Monferrato. Take the left (gravel) road to Incia Scapaccina-

Take the same way back. Hilly ca 6 km


Noche tour

Head down the hill, turning right towards Noche. When you see the information sign, make a U turn and head back home via the same route. Hilly ca 5 km.


Rural tour

Head towards Nizza Monferrato, then head right towards the B&B Casa Isabelle. Then take the first road right and then first road left. By the woods, return the same way. Hilly 4km.


Out in the green

Take a map and/or compass and make your own way into the hilly surroundings around Vaglio Serra.


Nature reserve Sarmassa

This reserve is to the right of the village of Vinchio. Different difficulties and lengths on the loops.